Online Games: A Bittersweet Treat

They say the human body can go without food for 3 weeks, 3 days without water, typically 7-8 minutes without air. Did you notice I just listed the 3 essentials primarily needed to sustain human beings or life for that matter? The question is why all of a sudden I decided to go all science or encyclopedia on you.

What if I was to tell you while conveniently ignoring our evolution from monkeys, we have evolved to a level where these three things are no longer the only things that we need to sustain life. Knowingly unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, slowly and steadily it has crawled its way as one of the fundamentals for survival. I am of course talking about mobile phones and its minions (tablets, smartwatches and stuff).

If we all be honest with ourselves, I guess 90% people will agree with me when I say that we cannot live without our mobile phones for longer than a minute. Call it a force of habit, being enslaved to them or whatever but that is the sad truth that none of us want to face. With social networking playing a pivotal role in the lives of people of all age groups, people seem as if they are infused with a need to become “cool” and as a result, the need for mobile phones has risen drastically. That vibration and sound of receiving a message have become more imperative than eating, sleeping, and all day-to-day activities.

Phantom notification syndrome (the tendency of someone to believe they got a notification when they have actually not) is not just an observation about the youth but for almost all people with a “smartphone” these days. It is as if we have been programmed to check up on our phone every minute or two for no suggestive reason. And if it is not to check up on our zero messages it is either to take a selfie, or just to console ourselves we are looking fine, or to play games. In a very rare instance, it is a task outside these 3 categories.

And if we examine objectively, after messaging/texting/tweeting/Instagramming, the next favorite thing of people is to tire out their fingers playing games.

After WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram this is the thing in common in all devices. So simple and yet so addictive. The craze for the online game is such that at a point even I started playing it and I don’t remember how my following month passed. I mean there cannot be a single person who does not daily get flooded with games requests daily. It’s hard to put to words as to what makes the mobile game this addictive it’s dope sound effects, its ever-increasing difficulty as you progress, its simple interface, or what, is a mystery yet to be solved. But there is one thing laid down in concrete – it’s definitely going to stay a favorite among people for a long time to come.

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Leveling Fast In WoW Battle For Azeroth

It has been one of the most popular questions in the online gaming world for almost 15 years now. What is the fastest way to level in World of Warcraft?

As the game has evolved the answer to the fastest way to level has changed and Blizzard has made some changes in the latest expansion to take the game back towards its roots.

The Battle for Azeroth game expansion involves some of the most drastic changes in the game in many years and the reaction from players is all over the board.

A common theme seems to be that Blizzard has made leveling up new characters much more challenging and slow, but the reality is that it really depends on how you choose to level your characters.

There is no doubt that trying to level characters through player versus player options like battlegrounds has not been efficient for many years. It will be even slower in the new expansion.

Dungeon leveling has probably been the most popular option with players because it quite honestly has been the fastest way to level in WoW. The ability of groups to simply round-up and mow down enemies in dungeons created power leveling that was quite honestly too easy.

Blizzard started a couple expansions back making the game much easier to play and many believe they went a bit over board and made game play way to easy.

I personally believe this was the main driving factor for the millions of players that have left the game in recent years.

This is probably why the new changes have made dungeon leveling much more challenging and if you end up in bad groups of players it can be the slowest leveling option in the game.

Gone are the days of “round them up and mow them down” as players now will need to proceed with caution. The statistic crunch Blizzard employed has proven to make dungeon grinding much slower.

The result of all these changes has brought about a switch back to the good old days of World of Warcraft when leveling through the questing system was the absolute fastest way to bring up a character to the leveling cap.

Leveling characters by following the quest lines is the way Blizzard intended the game to be played and it is now once again the fastest way to level.

While changes have made it take a little longer to kill enemies, the experience reward for questing is second to none.

If you want to level fast in WoW Battle for Azeroth, better dust off those old add-ons and get to questing.

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